Trina Boice | Mormon Writers

With seven best selling titles published, this young mother became a celebrity Mormon author thanks to her degrees earned from Brigham Young University and the hard work she put into her craft. Also an accomplished ballroom dancer and debater, she takes an active role and interest in admin and community events at BYU, as well as serving a mission for the LDS Church to Madrid.

This incredible famous Mormon author seems to be living life to the fullest, with a family and various passions and interests.

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Tristi Pinkston | Mormon Writers

A writer of LDS Historical fiction, famous Mormon aithor Tristi Pinkston is well known for her WW2 novels that explore raw feelings against the backdrop of violence to engineer situations where they can be brought out naturally. Acclaimed for her research, Pinkston is a celebrity Mormon writer who also possesses a rich writing style and a flair for character.

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Tracy Hickman | Mormon Writers

This famous Mormon author almost stumbled into the profession by accident, with a pitch to sell modules ending up in a co-authoring project with Margaret Weis to produce the Dragonlance Chronicles. In the time since, celebrity Mormon writer Tracy Hickman has, with the assistance of his partner and others, produced over thirty books as well as maintaining a highly active presence in his local LDS Church.

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Tom Roulstone | Mormon Writers

The first publication for this famous Mormon writer came through an article that was run in the Pacific Northwest’s Quarterly. He took this as a sign later in his life to leave his job and take up the pen full-time, producing six LDS novels in historical fiction some of which recently went back into print due to popular demand for this celebrity Mormon writer’s work. He is currently the president of the Qualicum Beach LDS branch.

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Terry Williams | Mormon Writers

A very moral and active speaker on equality, Terry Williams is a famous Mormon writer who brings her beliefs to her writing to encourage a more fair and equal society for gender, race, and nationality. The most acclaimed work of this celebrity Mormon author was Refuge: An Unnatural History of Family and Place in which she tackles the themes of radiation from unsafe nuclear tests and environmental damage during the 50’s and 60’s.

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Terri Ferran | Mormon Writers

Terri Ferran’s career as a famous Mormon writer started, as is common, with her escape into books that she would read regularly while growing up in a quiet town with little else to offer in the way of distractions. When reaching University in Utah, Ferran was converted to Mormonism and took up a career to first earn some financial stability before pursuing her dream of being a writer in earnest. Now a celebrity Mormon author, her first book Finding Faith was published in 2007.

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Tanja Crouch | Mormon Writers

This famous Mormon author was originally a big name in the music industry, serving as an agent for various artists and at the head positions of production studios. Eventually, Tanya Crouch wanted to try her hand at writing and so began her career as a celebrity Mormon writer, producing books themed around her vast experience in the industry such as ‘100 Careers in the Music Business’.

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Steven Kent | Mormon Writers

A leading figure in Video Games journalism, Steven Kent was a key figure for a generation trying to understand the new medium that had sprung up across the world and the emergent culture attached to it. As a celebrity Mormon author, he produced the definitive book The Ultimate History of Video Games which was well received by video game aficionados and newcomers alike.

As a Mormon author, Kent has produce several works of his own including The Clone Republic and a sequel, making use of his education at Brigham Young University to complete these projects.

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Stephenie Meyer | Mormon Writers

As one of the most famous Mormon authors in recent times, Stephenie Meyer’s books catapulted the supernatural fiction genre to the point where it accounted for more than half of total global book sales, and enervated the genre for film, TV, and writing. With the series now complete and their movie adaptations released, this celebrity Mormon author can now take it easy and maintain an active presence with the LDS Church.

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Sherry Miller | Mormon Writers

An avid writer and researcher, this famous Mormon author is very thorough in her research which has resulted in technically air-tight books that can be read out of sequence and still make perfect sense to the reader. Sherry Miller has won multiple awards for her works, including national competitions, and is best known for her historical fiction where the excellent work ethic of this celebrity Mormon writer can best shine.

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