Torah Bright | Mormon Snowboarders

A Famous Mormon athlete and snowboarder of great talent, Torah Bright took the 2010 Winter Olympics by storm with her performance that earned the celebrity Mormon a gold medal, representing Australia. As a famous Mormon who strictly follows the tenets of Mormonism, Bright attributes her success to the clean and healthy lifestyle that forbids pre-marital sex, alcohol, and drugs such as caffeine.

This famous Mormon athlete has gone on to win other Olympic medals, and also did a stint of modelling for a show in New York.

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Mitch Nelson | Mormon Snowboarders

A famous Mormon snowboarder who has crafted himself into a role model for younger audiences, Mitch Nelson’s status as a celebrity Mormon is built on his never-ending effort to assist those in need and ensures, in promotional materials, that the message of the LDS Church always comes first. He also adheres to the tenets of the Church, never smoking or drinking which has aided his performance in the sport.

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