Rumored Mormons

Travis Barker | Rumoured Mormons

The famous Mormon drummer for top bands such as Aquabats and Blink 182 might not be Mormon, but these top bands have been known to bring in Mormon players and exert influence to that effect of converting band members to the LDS faith. It’s unknown if Barker is of the Mormon faith at this time.

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Tom Hanks | Rumoured Mormons

Growing up in a broken home, famous actor Tom Hanks has long been wondered to be a Mormon actor as his step-mother became a convert with the LDS Church that led to the break up of her marriage with Hank’s father at the time. While the connection is fairly loose, it nonetheless started discussion of whether or not Hanks had ever dabbled or been exposed to the Mormon faith.

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Steve Martin | Rumoured Mormons

Speculation was strong over Steve Martin’s religious leanings, which began when fans began to notice that the comedian and actor wore a ring wherever he went, similar in style to a CTR ring. He fuelled the matter by dodging questions on the subject before, finally, making a definitive statement that he was not a Mormon. The matter settled, but more speculation surfaced when an eye witness reported that a Steve Martin had been baptised for the Mormon Church, but this was cleared up as being a case of a person having the same name.

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Roseanne | Rumoured Mormons

The famous actress and beloved star of the titular TV show called ‘Roseanne’, she was subject to much speculation that she was a former Mormon due to her activity in the LDS Church during her teens. However, as this Jewish born actress had no formal baptism ceremony she was deemed not a Mormon, and in any event had become more dedicated to her Jewish leanings in the intervening years. A famous Mormon actress, Roseanne is not, but with connections to the Mormon faith in any event.

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Mike Weir | Rumoured Mormons

An attendant of Brigham Young University, many sources claim Mike Weir to be a Mormon based on this but it is not, in fact, the case as he is not a formal member of the LDS Church. While it was unusual for a non-Mormon to attend a University with restrictions on caffeine and alcohol, Weir’s choice was based on this for the discipline it offered whereas other institutions would likely lead him astray. After adjusting, he quickly found himself on the road to stardom in sports but curiously must have resisted any and all attempts to convert him to the faith; even though his wife is also a Mormon; Weir is perhaps strong willed, or maybe a little stubborn.

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Larry King | Rumoured Mormons

The globally hailed ‘King of Talk’, Larry King has been the focus of debate as to whether or not he is actually of the Mormon faith. Otherwise known as being Agnostic Jewish, King’s wife Shawn King is a devout Mormon with whom he attends LDS Church regularly. King has also been very friendly with the Church in the media, but this is perhaps down to his relationship with his wife than any formal connection. Although it’d likely be huge publicity for the Mormon faith if the King of Talk were to convert to Mormonism.

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Fay Wray | Rumoured Mormons

Coming from a Mormon family this Mormon actress was in fact not a Mormon at all despite popular belief. As Fay Wray was not baptised, and her mother eventually left the Church as she grew older, Wray instead made her own way and while still being quite closely tied to the Church and friendly with its practitioners she is considered non-LDS; although her Mormon friends think highly enough of Wray that they made arrangements for Wine on her return to her hometown.

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Alice Cooper | Rumoured Mormons

One LDS Urban Legend was that Alice Cooper was himself part of the Mormon faith or at the very least connected to it quite strongly by his father, who was ordained as a minister. The famous Mormon father of Alice Cooper also studied at Brigham Young University, and it’s not far-fetched to think that he may have not tried to lead his son toward the LDS Church during their lifetimes.

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