Wyatt Smith | Mormons in Rodeo and Horse Racing

An all-around champion at both school and national level, Wyatt Smith is keeping the tradtion of the cowboy alive with his prodigal skills that have already led him onto the professional rodeo circuit. This famous Mormon cowboy will likely grow into one of the most successful Mormon celebrities in rodeo.

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Rex Ellsworth | Mormons in Rodeo and Horse Racing

A devout Mormon cowboy who served a mission to the African continent, famous Mormon cowboy Rex Ellsworth was the partner to Meshach Tenney and who cemented his own legacy as a celebrity Mormon when he rode a Californian-bred horse to the first ever victory in the Kentucky Derby, raising the prestige of the state’s bred horses.

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Raymond Knight | Mormons in Rodeo and Horse Racing

Competition bred excellence, and famous Mormon cowboy Raymond Knight knew this as well as anybody when he suggested and arranged the first Canadian rodeos of the early 1900’s. This sugar and sheep baron helped to kick start the rodeo tradition in the country, and is still known as a famous Mormon who was the father of Canadian Rodeo.

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Nathan Baldwin | Mormons in Rodeo and Horse Racing

An expert in tie-down roping, famous Mormon cowboy Nathan Baldwin served his mission to Costa Rica before returning to master his specialty of ‘calf roping’ which is now known as tie-down roping.

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Meshach Tenney | Mormons in Rodeo and Horse Racing

A horse trainer who worked with fellow famous Mormon, Rex Ellsworth, celebrity Mormon Meshach Tenney helped raise the horse bred from Californian stock that would win the Kentucky derby and help to elevate the status of the state as a source for championship winning horses.

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Lewis Field | Mormons in Rodeo and Horse Racing

A famous Mormon cowboy, Lewis Field was named ‘All Around Cowboy’ for the the 1987 Pro Rodeo by the Cowboy’s Association, on the back of his victory in the world bareback riding category two years prior for the first of his many championship titles.

As a celebrity Mormon cowboy, many recognised the man’s name on the circuit even though he took a brief hiatus to serve on an LDS Mission for his Mormon faith, from which he returned to win more titles and championships before his retirement.

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Les Hulet | Mormons in Rodeo and Horse Racing

Beginning his career as a famous Mormon horse-rider in 1970, Les Hulet was the top rider at Finger Lakes seven years later when he recorded 158 wins for that year along with consecutive success in the following years with five titles amassed by the time his career ended. One of the main factors behind this celebrity Mormon cowboy’s fame and celebrity, however, wasn’t just his riding technique but also his personable nature and quick wit. With a career of almost 4000 victories under this famous Mormon horse racer’s belt, Les Hulet can claim to have been one of the greats in the sport.

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Johnny Longden | Mormons in Rodeo and Horse Racing

An English Mormon horse racer, Johnny Longden became a famous Mormon when achieved the milestone of 6000 race wins over the course of his career as well as reaching the 4000 wins milestone first. In honor of this celebrity Mormon’s accomplishments, he was awarded a place in the Hall of Fame by the late 50’s. This legend of the sport sadly died in 2003.

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Hutch Haslem | Mormons in Rodeo and Horse Racing

Uncertain about his commitments, this famous Mormon cowboy opted to serve his mission early in order to avoid ducking out of it later on. The experience changed him, he felt, and he went on to make a name for himself a champion All-Around cowboy with a specialisation for bare-back and bull riding. He owed some of his skills to inspiration from Lan LaJeunesse who was himself a bareback champion.

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Guy Cash | Mormons in Rodeo and Horse Racing

The saddle Bronco Champion of 1939, Guy Cash was a famous Mormon cowboy who shot to fame with his abilities and became a celebrity Mormon following his success.

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