Yuki Saito | Mormon Musicians

A famous Mormon singer in Japan, Yuki Saito stands out for her religion in her home country where Mormonism isn’t as widespread. She is famous not just for her work, but for her work habits in which she will refuse to work on Sundays in keeping with her faith.

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William Joseph | Mormon Musicians

A talented and prolific Mormon piano player, William Joseph has performed at various televised venues and shown the world his flair and style by combining classical leanings with pop music. He released a debut album in 2004, which sold well for the celebrity Mormon pianist.

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Will Butler | Mormon Musicians

William Butler is a famous Mormon guitarist who played with the band Arcade Fire along with his brother and fellow famous Mormon singer Win Butler. However, both celebrity Mormon musicians are also the grandchildren of another famous Mormon guitar player, Alvino Rey.

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Timothy Klugh | Mormon Musicians

With over 700 works to his name as a composer and arranger, famous Mormon musician Timothy Klugh is a prolific worker in the music industry who has branched into every available media outlet with his works which cover every genre. With a massive fan base and regular praise from various reputable music sources, Klugh is a celebrity Mormon composer who has contributed much to music over his lifetime.

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The Piano Guys | Mormon Musicians

A world famous group of Mormon performers and musicians, The Piano Guys are actually a troupe of musicians who in addition to producing music also create inventive music videos which has earned them over 3million subscribers on their Youtube channel. These celebrity Mormon musicians have since become a household name for their exciting and dynamic productions.

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The Killers | Mormon Musicians

Another famous Mormon band who received recognition from MTVU who shortlisted them for the title of best emerging artist. These Mormon musicians, headed by Brandon Flowers, balance performing with their faith to the LDS Church. The music videos of these celebrity Mormon musicians can be found on Vevo.

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The Jets | Mormon Musicians

The Jets were a large family of Mormon performers who banded together to produce several hits during their time in the 80’s including Crush on You, also selling enough albums to earn gold and platinum status for their label.

The celebrity Mormon band had no shortage of band members, able to replace anyone with another member of the family. Tied together by their Mormon faith, this LDS family was able to tour for long periods of time.

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The Duttons | Mormon Musicians

A famous Mormon performing troupe, the Duttons are able to play for almost any style of music making them one of the most adaptable music bands in the States. Multi-talented, each member is capable of playing more than one instrument which makes for some lively performances. This celebrity Mormon group have their own theatre, but also tour across the country to deliver unforgettable performances, even going abroad to Hong Kong.

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The Bretts | Mormon Musicians

This famous Mormon troupe have toured and performed across the country, appearing on various TV shows such as the one aired at Brigham Young University. These celebrity Mormon musicians are also regularly featured as guests stars on a number of shows such Mormon Tabernacle and Motown. They are adept with various styles and eras of music, offering great variety and reaching a wide audience.

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Tabernacle Choir | Mormon Musicians

As one of the most successful Mormon choirs, the Tabernacle Choir scarcely needs an introduction but is the Grammy and gold record winning famous Mormon choir that comprises 360 volunteers along with an accompanying orchestra of 110 musicians. Having been around for years, they were hailed as being ‘America’s Choir’ by President Reagan during his administration and by Goerge Bush as a national treasure.

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