Mormon Lawyers

Sherman Christensen | Mormon Law Figures

A famous Mormon federal Judge for the Utah district, Shermen Christensen was personally elected to the District Court by President Eisenhower in 1954. For his services to Law in founding an Innof Court for the Salt Lake area, this celebrity Mormon Judge wasn’t just awarded the Chairman’s Award in 1989 but the award itself was renamed in his honor.

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Rex Lee | Mormon Law Figures

The former President of Brigham Young University, this famous Mormon lawyer has plenty of experience both in the Supreme Court with thirty cases and a total of 59 cases while working in the private sector. This Mormon celebrity lawyer famously assumed the role of President for BYU on the sole condition that he could continue arguing and, happily for him at least, he found no end of opportunities to do during his tenure with the University.

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Levi Udall | Mormon Law Figures

Working with the Arizona Supreme Court, famous Mormon lawyer Levi Udall worked for over a decade as the Chief Justice from 1947 to 1958 for this court and was awarded an honorary degree from the University of Arizona in commemoration of his services to Law in that state. Sadly, he passed away that same year but not before having left behind a legacy that ensured his status as a celebrity Mormon judge for generations to come.

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Lawrence Block | Mormon Law Figures

This famous Mormon Judge was an advisor to the Senate Judiciary Committee who advised on wide range of legislation ranging from tobacco, property rights, and even the First Amendment. Lawrence Block also won plaudits for his writing, producing an article titled ‘A New Look At Plurality Decisions’ which left publishers in 1988. In recognition, this famous Mormon Judge received the Attorney General’s Special Achievement Award.

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Kent Jordan | Mormon Law Figures

Nominated by President George Bush to the District Court for Delaware, Kent Jordan is a famous Mormon judge who graduated from Brigham Young University who served a mission to the far east, in Japan. Before his appointment, he practised privately and when the senate approved his nomination it was by an unanimous vote.

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Jay Bybee | Mormon Law Figures

Graduating from the Brigham Young University, this famous Mormon lawyer was personally chosen in 2003 by the then President George Bush to preside over the Court of Appeals, which was finalised by the senate in a majority vote. Mormon celebrity lawyer Bybee is perhaps infamous in certain circles for his political and sociological views which have been described as being extreme right wing.

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David Campbell | Mormon Law Figures

A former Bishop who served a mission in the Birmingham Mission of England, David Campbell is a famous Mormon lawyer who served with the U.S. District Court for Arizona and also with his Stake Presidency for the LDS Church.

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