David Kennedy | Mormon Politicians

David Kennedy was a Republican and famous Mormon politician who became Secretary of the Treasury in the late 60’s, for Nixon’s term as President. This celebrity Mormon politician then went on to become an ambassador for NATO, as well as leading the Continental Illinois Bank in Chicago.

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Vai Sikahema | Mormons in Media & Communications

A famous Mormon footballer turned news anchor, Sikahema became a mainstay with home audiences thanks to his deep coverage of various sports for NBC, which earned him the role of commentating on the 2004 and 2006 Olympics, as well as big event Horse Racing. This celebrity Mormon anchor studied at BYU and set various records during his NFL appearances in the 90’s.

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Tracy Kennick | Mormons in Media & Communications

Tracy Kennick is the famous Mormon celebrity who hosts as a news anchor for the KBMT Channel 12 News. Her career began after graduating from BYU in communications before taking up a work placement at KSL Television to build a resume and being recruited as a celebrity Mormon anchor for other shows.

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Todd Harris | Mormons in Media & Communications

The play-by-play man calling the action for ESPNU’s college football coverage, famous Mormon host Todd Harris also provides commentary on cage-fighting which airs on Versus. He has a long career and plenty of experience in providing play-by-play, commentating on a variety of sports including Indy Car racing and Motorcross among others.

As a graduate of BYU, this famous Mormon received an Honors degree in communications and spent some time as an athlete.

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Steven Mitton | Mormons in Media & Communications

One of the big names in radio, Steven Mitton is a famous Mormon radio anchor who used his experiences on his LDS Church mission to Japan to foster connections there and run a radio show called Pop on the Rock there, working as a consultant to Japanese companies. The celebrity Mormon radio show host also made daily broadcasts with several stations across the U.S., including Idaho.

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Steve Eagar | Mormons in Media & Communications

An Emmy award winning famous Mormon news anchor, Steve Eagar’s career actually began in baseball with BYU which he helped lead to the title of becoming the best college-level team in the U.S. After finishing his professional craeer with the Tigers, he moved into television after finishing his degree in Journalism, his status as a celebrity Mormon athlete helping to endear him to audiences.

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Sterling Poulson | Mormons in Media & Communications

A famous Mormon news anchor and meteorologist, Sterling Poulson is a mainstay for 2News but in his spare time he also acts as the director for the Choral Arts Society of Utah which this celebrity Mormon meteorologist helped to found. Playing an active role in the community both in and out of the Newsroom, this famous Mormon was well known and respected in Utah.

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Scott Schultz | Mormons in Media & Communications

A well known family-friendly entertainer, Scott Schultz is a famous Mormon television host who helps to create and produce TV Shows aimed at children, such as Yo Gabba Gabba!, working with other fellow famous Mormons. The family of this celebrity Mormon TV Host also had strong careers in media, with Schultz’s father working as a producer and sometimes frontman in music shows.

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Sarah Lane | Mormons in Media & Communications

Sarah Lane is the famous Mormon reporter working for LEX 18, who knows Kentucky as well as anyone. Her upbringing on a farmer has given her a close connection with the soil, and she loves the state she grew up in which comes across in her tenacious reporting of the News. This celebrity Mormon reporter attributes this upbringing close to the Earth as being as key part of her personality as an adult.

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Santiago Lucero | Mormons in Media & Communications

A graduate of Brigham Young University, famous Mormon journalist Santiago Lucero is an emmy-award winning reporter whose work in television and radio have led to his being recognised in the industry as a celebrity Mormon. He has worked as a Univision affiliate for some years.

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