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Ted Bundy | Infamous Mormons

A very infamous Mormon known across the world, Ted Bundy was a serial killer who had hidden himself behind the mask of a smart and ambitious young man pursuing a career in politics. Despite the overwhelming evidence of his horrific crimes, Bundy protested his innocence to the very last moment when he was sentenced to death by the chair. It was here, though, that the killer revealed his guilt to the world in trying to use them to escape death.

This Mormon killer likely had little interest in the religion itself other than what it could do to serve him. While on death row, he converted to Hinduism which has a reincarnation cycle as the core of it’s belief in life after death.

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Ronald Haskell | Infamous Mormons

When a family was gunned down in 2014, police identified and caught the shooter, identifying him as Ronald Haskell; an infamous Mormon who was previously related to the victims by marriage and who decided to murder them in cold blood. This infamous Mormon’s ex-wife wasn’t among the dead, and blames their divorce for the crime. Amazingly, the lone survivor of the massacre had to play dead while Haskell roamed the house, waiting until he left before raising the alarm.

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Richard McCoy Jr | Infamous Mormons

A veteran of the Vietnam war, infamous Mormon Richard McCoy was a competent helicopter pilot with an education from Brigham Young University. Following the war, he fell upon hard times and in desperation decided to hijack a plane by holding it and it’s passengers to ransom with a hand grenade he had smuggled aboard. His demands were for $500,000, with a plan to escape via parachute with three other hostages as insurance.

Despite his plan succeeding, he was caught two days later and put on trial where he received a sentence of forty-five years in prison which he would not outlive. There is, however, speculation that a similar incident in the year previously was also carried out by Richard McCoy under the alias of D. B. Cooper.

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Mark Hofmann | Infamous Mormons

A son of a devout LDS family, Mark Hofmann served a mission with the church and seemed earmarked for success until some disturbing behaviour began to ring alarm bells. Hofmann had a tendency for forgery, putting together what was dubbed the ‘Salamander Letter’ which depicted John Smith as a phoney who used folk magic to beguile people. This proved to be the tip of the iceberg for Hofmann’s psychotic behaviour, though, when he killed two people using bombs with plans to set off a third.

After being injured and arrested, Hofmann pleaded guilty to murder and forgery in 1986 to escape a death sentence. His forgeries were of high quality, often fooling many experts in the field.

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Mark Hacking | Infamous Mormons

This infamous Mormon hatched a plan to get rid of his pregnant wife by murdering her while she slept and then dumping the body to report her missing. After confessing to the heinous crime, Hacking received six years in jail which was the harshest penalty allowed under Utah law. This infamous Mormon killer seemed otherwise to be a devout Mormon, serving a mission to Winnepeg.

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Jodi Arias | Infamous Mormons

An infamous Mormon, Jodi Arias murdered her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander in 2008 (a year after they broke up) with nearly thirty stab wounds, a slit throat, and a gunshot wound to the head. The degree of violence used was horrifying, sparking an intense search for the culprit. After an investigation, Jodi Arias was exposed and sentenced to life in prison for the killing, where it was revealed during the trial that Arias had a warped interpretation of the LDS Church teachings regarding pre-marital sex.

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Jason Brown | Infamous Mormons

Jason Brown was the Mormon killer who brutally executed Robert Palomares in 2004, by shooting the victim in the head five times. Infamous Mormon Brown, who was an armed robber, stole the man’s bike along with $56,000 that Palomare had been collecting in receipts. Unfortunately, Brown was not caught and this Mormon killer is thought to have fled to Mexico, where he remains in hiding.

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Glenn Helzer | Infamous Mormons

Glenn Helzer is an infamous Mormon who, together with his brother Justin, conspired to extort money from people which turned into a killing spree over the summer of 2003. The two were caught and convicted of murder, but not before Glenn testified against his brother for the reduced sentence of 38 years while his brother, Justin, was sentenced to death. It was a cold and chilling end to the case where this infamous Mormon more or less consigned his own brother to death. However, Glenn did not escape the death sentence himself despite pleading grounds of insanity as well as other tactics to try and escape the law.

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Butch Cassidy | Infamous Mormons

An infamous Mormon who repeatedly ran afoul of the law during his childhood, Butch Cassidy began as a petty thief before moving onto cattle rustling and other more serious crimes. His infamy grew when this infamous Mormon helped in the robbery of a Rio Grande train which netted him and his gang $70,000. He moved to Bolivia to try and live the rest of his days in peace, but Cassidy was restless and was soon back to crime; it may be the case that it was the thrill of the crime, not the money, that appealed to Butch in the end.

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Bryon Crutcher | Infamous Mormons

A career thief, Byron Crutcher made the mistake of robbing an elderly citizen which, in accordance with state law, meant that he was sentenced very severely to life imprisonment for his repeated offences. A little incredibly, this infamous Mormon demanded that his sentence be changed to a death penalty as he has no desire to serve out the sentence. This appeal was rejected, and so Crutcher continues to remain behind bars.

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