Russell Nelson | Mormon Physicians & Surgeons

A key figure in modern medicine, famous Mormon surgeon Russell Nelson was among those that developed the crucial life support apparatus that would perform respiratory functions for patients undergoing heart and lung surgery. This was put into practice four years later, with this celebrity Mormon surgeon leading the first successful operation that made use of the new machine and which paved the way for advanced surgical procedures in modern times.

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Robert Rey | Mormon Physicians & Surgeons

A very well known name in Beverly Hills as a prominent plastic surgeon, Robert Rey is the famous Mormon surgeon who didn’t always live a life surrounded by celebrity glamour. This Mormon celebrity began life in abject poverty, where after robbing a grocery store he was found by Mormon missionaries who helped enable this bright young man to lift himself up to success.

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Jarvis Seegmiller | Mormon Physicians & Surgeons

As a leading pioneer in the field of Human Genetics, Dr. Jarvis ‘Jay’ Seegmiller was a famous Mormon doctor and researcher who specialised in metabolism while also working in biochemical genetics, primarily to determine the factors behind metabolic reactions and processes within the human body that could lead to arthritic conditions. His work helped to pinpoint the causes of these conditions, including Gout, as well as methods to treat these.

For his breakthroughs in the field, this celebrity Mormon doctor received recognition in the form a United States Public Health Distinguished Service Award, among other honors. Iu 1982, he was also elected to the National Academy of Arts and Sciences.

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Homer Warner | Mormon Physicians & Surgeons

A medical scientist, Homer Warner’s contribution to the field of medicine was to find better ways to apply computational power to the process of diagnosing and monitoring the condition of patients. With the new field of Medical Informatics formed, this famous Mormon doctor helped to develop and preside over this field going through the late 1900’s and until the time of his death in 2012 continued to maintain an active presence on medical boards and other health institutes.

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Anne Poelman | Mormon Physicians & Surgeons

As one of the founders of Neuroradiology, Anne Poelman is a famous Mormon doctor who specialises in this field and helps in the treatment of the head, neck, spine, and associated nervous systems. As a world authority on this field, Poelman is also a celebrity Mormon author who has published various works in the field of Neuroradiology. Continuing her pioneering work, Poelman has also helped to create the first comprehensive point-of-care electronic imaging system, called STATdx, to further the cause of medical care.

This famous Mormon doctor also finds time to uphold commitments to her faith, and has served on the General Board of the LDS Church’s Sunday school.

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Mike Reid | Mormon Golfers

A student at Brigham Young University, Mike Reid was a famous Mormon golfer whose accuracy was the stuff of legend. Often called ‘Radar’ for his ability to land shots on the fairway, this Mormon celebrity completed various tours with the Professional Golfer’s Association. His son, Dan Reid, is also a Mormon golfer who also played for Brigham Young University.

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Keith Clearwater | Mormon Golfers

Taking to the Professional circuits in the early 80’s, famous Mormon golfer Keith Clearwater has enjoyed some success with the Professional Golfer’s Association, claiming two titles during his career which began in 1987. This Mormon celebrity also golfed for Brigham Young University.

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Johnny Miller | Mormon Golfers

Another alumni of Brigham Young University, famous Mormon golfer Johnny Miller began his professional career in 1969 and went on to find success in various contests, including the British and US Open before finishing his career with a landmark win in 1994. In recognition of this famous Mormon’s achievements, he was inducted into the Hall of Fame of World Golf.

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Dan Forsman | Mormon Golfers

A mainstay of the golfing circuit, this famous Mormon golfer is a familiar name in modern golf with a reputation for performing well in major competitions since his professional debut in the early 80’s. As a celebrity Mormon, Forsman is always visible on the big stages of golf.

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Bruce Summerhays | Mormon Golfers

Though this Mormon golfer turned professional back in the 60’s, he didn’t join the PGA tours until thirty years later. Nevertheless, Bruce Summerhays earned his status as a famous Mormon golfer by claiming a win at the 2001 Champions Challenge. This Mormon golfer is also an avid reader, but ever respectful of his faith he lists the Bible as his favourite text.

Head of a golfing family, Summerhay’s children are also famous Mormon golfers in their own right with his son Joseph and daughter Carrie also being Mormon golfers playing at a professional level.

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