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Tom Udall | Mormon Politicians

A Democratic Mormon politician, Tom Udall represented New Mexico and reached office in 1998. His was the third district for the state.

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Stewart Udall | Mormon Politicians

This Arizona Congressman for the Democrats went on to become Secretary of the Interior for much of 60’s, with this famous Mormon politician serving under several administrations. Stewart Udall was highly successful as a Mormon politician, despite his Democrat leanings which are unusual for someone of the LDS Church.

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Reed Smoot | Mormon Politicians

This U. S. Senator for the Republican party represented Utah and had the distinction of being the longest serving elected official for the state with thirty years service. This famous Mormon politician, Reed Smoot, also served at the LDS Church as an Apostle which led to his nickname of ‘Apostle-Senator’.

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Olene Walker | Mormon Politicians

Olene Walker is the famous Mormon politician who served Utah for eleven years under Mike Levitt before assuming his role as Governor and being the first woman to do so. Unfortunately, she was unable to be nominated by her party to run again for the position in the following year of 2004. This celebrity Mormon left her nomination bid too late, deciding to run for a full term again once her rivals had already gotten their campaigns into full swing.

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Elbert Thomas | Mormon Politicians

Elbert Thomas was the famous Mormon democrat who made a strong push for U. S. Soldiers to rescue Jewish refugees from the clutches of the Nazi regime during the second world war. It was through this celebrity Mormon politician’s lobbying that the then President Roosevelt made the arrangements for a War Refuge Board. In addition to this, Thomas used his position as a famous Mormon politician to advocate for better labour rights, welfare, and education.

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Chris Stewart | Mormon Politicians

A former pilot, Chris Stewart is a famous Mormon politician who was backed by famous Mormon radio host Glen Beck to achieve a position in the general election against the Democratic candidate with a huge margin of nearly 62%.

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Trina Boice | Mormon Writers

With seven best selling titles published, this young mother became a celebrity Mormon author thanks to her degrees earned from Brigham Young University and the hard work she put into her craft. Also an accomplished ballroom dancer and debater, she takes an active role and interest in admin and community events at BYU, as well as serving a mission for the LDS Church to Madrid.

This incredible famous Mormon author seems to be living life to the fullest, with a family and various passions and interests.

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Walter Red | Mormon Olympians

A participant in the 1964 Tokyo Games, Walter Red was a famous Mormon who threw the longest javelin but only came 9th in the games. Despite this, he went on to have a successful career in the field of robotics for Brigham Young University as well as becoming a mechanical engineer that was renowned the world over. His baptism took place four years after the games, in 1968.

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Teri Walker | Mormon Olympians

The life story of this famous Mormon athlete was truly inspirational. Before the 1988 games in Calgary, Teri Walker was informed by doctors that she had contracted multiple sclerosis and that she would soon be unable to walk. However, rather than let the disease get the better of her this celebrity Mormon athlete quickly learned how to ski and soon became one of the greatest competitors for the disabled Winter Olympics, winning a Gold medal before her horrible disease could take away her mobility. However, the disease never beat Walker who has yet to require the use of a wheelchair some twenty years later. This famous Mormon athlete maintains an active presence in the LDS Church.

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Robert Detweiler| Mormon Olympians

Robert Detweiler was the famous Mormon athlete who competed at the 1952 Helsinki Olympics. As a Naval officer, he was competing in the rowing event in which he took home the Gold for his country. During his lifetime he worked as a scientist after retiring from the Navy. A cultured man of great physical prowess, Detweiler was a legendary celebrity Mormon athlete and the pride of his home state of Illinois.

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