Tom Hales | Mormon Computing Engineers/Mathematicians

Having toured many of the country’s finest Universities, famous Mormon Tom Hales’ finest accomplishment was proving the Kepler Conjecture; a mathematical conundrum that had existed for over four hundred years. But this mathematical Mormon celebrity wasn’t finished there, going on to also take the scalp of the Honeycomb Conjecture.

In his work, Hales used computers to help in solving complicated theories and calculations; this famous Mormon mathematician firmly believes that computers are the way forward for the field of mathematics.

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Sandy Petersen | Mormon Computing Engineers/Mathematicians

One of the most famous Mormons in gaming, Sandy Petersen’s resume includes titular and iconic titles such as Doom, Civilization, and Age of Empires. This famous Mormon designer and writer isn’t all about fun and games, though; he participated in duties for the LDS Church, going to Los Angeles to further the Church’s cause.

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Roger Porter | Mormon Computing Engineers/Mathematicians

A famous Mormon that served in high positions at the White House as an Economist, Roger Porter’s influence over the country was undeniable, rising to Director of Policy Development and surviving consecutive political administrations. This famous Mormon also rose to the position of Executive Secretary for the Economic Policy Board.

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Robert G. Freeman | Mormon Computing Engineers/Mathematicians

A famous Mormon author and Engineer for the LDS Church, Freeman is also a prominent authority on the Oracle programme software. His work on Oracle Database and Recovery have made him a well known and famous Mormon.

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Richard Wirthlin | Mormon Computing Engineers/Mathematicians

A famous Mormon advisor to the Reagan administrator, Richard Wirthlin occupied high positions of influence and power. A master of spin, Wirthlin exerted enormous influence by masterminding strategies for the polls and taking control of popular opinion. This famous Mormon can boast of two wildly successful election campaigns, helping to shape the future of the country and earning himself celebrity Mormon status when he won an award for his role and services.

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Kim Peek | Mormon Computing Engineers/Mathematicians

This incredibly gifted famous Mormon was born with severe mental handicaps that he struggled with his entire life. Despite this, Kim Peek’s extraordinary gifts of memory and recall that allowed him a power of retention unheard of in human history. Able to memorise entire phone books, novels, and other materials this famous Mormon celebrity was the most well-know savant in the world, but sadly passed away at the age of 58.

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Edwin Catmull | Mormon Computing Engineers/Mathematicians

This famous Mormon was a founder of the hugely popular animation company, Pixar, which has captured the imaginations of adults and children alike with blockbusting hits such as Toy Story and Wall-E. Though his company was not founded with the goal of making animated films, Catmull’s childhood foreshadowed this development where he would spend his youth making picture-flip books, with an ambition to work for Disney’s legendary animation studios one day.

As the President of Pixar, famous Mormon Catmull can boast of having rejuvenated the animated entertainment industry, invigorating it with the programs he and his team of dedicated professional have developed over the years to assist with the production of animated films and shorts.

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Drew Major | Mormon Computing Engineers/Mathematicians

Drew Major, a famous Mormon in the area of computer engineering, was instrumental in the development of NetWare; an Operating System that is widely used around the world. This Mormon celebrity was later inducted into the Computer Hall of Fame for his work and is regularly featured in most influential lists in the computing community.

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Bernard Daines | Mormon Computing Engineers/Mathematicians

An influential and incredibly famous Mormon computer scientist, Bernard Daines is the grandfather of the Ethernet technology which enabled fast Internet for businesses and home use, greatly affecting the way in which society and economies globally developed and grew. This Mormon celebrity then assumed the role of chairman on Linux’s board, as one of the key figures in the field of computing.

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Alan Ashton | Mormon Computing Engineers/Mathematicians

A world famous Mormon computer software engineer, Alan Ashton can boast the achievement of having transformed the world with his invaluable contributions to the creation of Word Processing; a programme that is now widely used as standard for businesses, education, and at home. This Mormon celebrity was also the grandson of another famous Mormon; the late president of the LDS Church David O. McKay.

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