Melissa Harris-Perry | Rumoured Mormons

A television host and political commentator, there has been speculation that Melissa Harris-Perry is in fact a Mormon celebrity in disguise as she is quite out-spoken about Mormon prejudice and called for people to not judge Mitt Romney based on his Mormon beliefs. Does this commentator have a soft spot for the Mormon faith or is she simply advising against religious prejudice in political debate? It’s most likely the latter, but Melissa’s ancestors were Mormon…

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Jewel | Rumoured Mormons

Born to Mormon parents, Jewel was raised in the Mormon faith but has been quite secretive about whether or not she was baptised. Her parents had divorced when she was young, and she followed her father to Alaska following the split. This potentially Mormon celebrity has done little to quell the rumours surrounding her religious upbringing.

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Elvis Presley | Rumoured Mormons

One of the most famous Mormon legends was that surrounding the singer and performer Elvis Presley, who fired up this speculation after leaving some spiritual notes in a Book of Mormon that were discovered. He also had regular contact with missionaries while on the set for films such as Blue Hawaii, where famous Mormon missionary Bobby Kauo regularly talked and taught Elvis about the discussions.

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Christina Aguilera | Rumoured Mormons

The famous Mormon parents of singer Christina Aguilera were attending BYU when they met and later married at an LDS ceremony in the temple, which has cast speculation on the singer that she too was of the Mormon faith at one point as the two separated early in her life and it’s unknown if a baptismal took place.

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Isabelle Collin Dufresne | Mormon Actors

Known as one of Andy Warhol’s ‘superstars’, this famous Mormon went by the stage name of Ultra Violet with her hair dyed to match. Appearing in a great number of movies and productions, as well as contributing to the creative process as an author and artist, Dufresne’s influence was far-reaching and of great benefit to Andy Warhol’s studios.

In 1981, Ultra Violet was baptised and became an active member of the Church of Latter-Day Saints but, sadly, this celebrity Mormon passed away in June this year (2014). Her memorial service was conducted at an LDS chapel.

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Wilford Brimley | Mormon Actors

Beginning his career on the big screen as a Cowboy Stuntman in the 60’s, famous Mormon actor Wilford Brimley achieved his big break by the 80’s and appeared in classics such as the hit horror film ‘The Thing’; he also starred in LDS movies such as Brigham City. His success wasn’t limited to the big screen, however, as this famous Mormon was also quite active on television, fronting Quaker Oats for their commercials.

His other run of TV work, however, earned him fame with a different demographic. While acting as the spokesman for Liberty Medical Diabetic Supplies, this famous Mormon actor became something of a Mormon celebrity when his commercials went viral, being used as a meme across the Internet.

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Ryan Little | Mormon Actors

Like Lincoln Hoppe, famous Mormon director Ryan Little attended Brigham Young University, where he studied film and created a series of award-winning short films before moving onto larger productions such as The Last Good War. As an LDS film-maker, Little has built a reputation for himself in the Mormon community for being a prodigious talent with his LDS movies.

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Mitch Davis | Mormon Actors

Beginning his career in film-making at the age of 27, Mitch Davis was employed by Walt Disney Productions which further honed the skills of this famous Mormon before he departed to assume the role of Vice President for a company working with Columbia Studios. Though his film-making was put on a hiatus while he served as a Bishop for the LDS Church, Davis returned to helm the development of LDS Movies, with The Other Side of Heaven releasing in 2001.

As a Mormon film-maker, Mitch Davis did much to further the cause of the LDS Church and is one of the more influential famous Mormons.

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Michael Birkeland | Mormon Actors

Often credited with typos in his name, famous Mormon comedian and actor Michael Birkeland featured in several LDS movies. He felt, however, that his fame got the better of him: “I let the social side take over, I let it ruin my life.” Despite this, he bounced back to write and star in several small roles such as ‘The R.M.’ and ‘The Singles Ward’ and to run his own company aimed at marketing products to the LDS market.

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Lincoln Hoppe | Mormon Actors

Famous Mormon actor and film writer Lincoln Hoppe is best known for co-writing the film Saints and Soldiers: Airborne Creed in which fellow LDS actor, Colbin Allred, starred. In the early 90’s, Hoppe also served on a LDS mission to Portgual and can be regarded as an active member of the Mormon faith.

Away from the big screen, this Mormon celebrity has been increasingly involved with the comedy scene.

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