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Rocky Twitchell | Famous Mormon

A Golden Gloves champion for the 147lb division, Rocky Twitchell is a very famous Mormon boxer and athlete who competed in the Utah Summer Games with distinction, earning this award as well as gold and silver medals. The celebrity Mormon boxer moved to self defence and martial arts training, working with legendary Bruce Lee’s former students to teach an entire range of diverse martial arts to students, including Muay Thai, Karate, Jujitsu, and Capoiera. The name of this famous Mormon fighter’s organisation is Liahona Warrior Arts.

Establishing this group in 1992, Rocky Twitchell quickly became a world famous Mormon fighter teaching students globally, but maintained his strong community ties in joining the Guardian Angels in 2007, which patrols the streets to keep innocent people safe from harm. Well suited to the task, this celebrity Mormon boxer also gives seminars and workshops in addition to his duties, tirelessly working with the community to keep people safe. He is available to be contacted, at the number (916) 747-3694 (information is correct at the time of writing).

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William Harrison Dempsey | Mormon Boxers

Though by his own admission he ‘wasn’t a very faithful Mormon’, William ‘Jack’ Dempsey was nonetheless one of the most successful and famous Mormon boxers who was known for his sportsmanship as well as his talent in the boxing ring With the nickname of the Manassa Mauler, he had already won close to 100 bouts before his mid-twenties and went on to become the heavyweight champion. He passed away in 1983.

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Rocky Twitchell | Mormon Boxers

Currently a martial-arts iand boxing instructor, the aptly named Rocky Twitchell was a famous Mormon boxer during his youth in which he scooped up awards and prizes from various competitions including silver and gold medals at the Utah Summer Games in the early 90’s. This Mormon celebrity now rubs shoulders with two of Bruce Lee’s top students, helping to pass on the craft to the next generation of boxers and fighters.

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Ray Close | Mormon Boxers

Famous Mormon boxer Ray Close was a super middleweight division boxer who made his way to the Light Heavyweight class toward the end of his career. Following health concerns and his withdrawal from boxing, this famous Mormon kept up with his faith and is currently an active member working in the country of his birth, Northern Ireland.

Among Close’s most famous fights was his draws and split decisions with fellow famous boxer Chris Eubank, in which every encounter would go down to the wire and cementing Close’s status as a celebrity Mormon boxer.

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Rainey Rogers | Mormon Boxers

A famous Mormon boxer in his youth, Rainey Rogers was able to out-perform others in his weight class thanks to his Mormon lifestyle which excluded alcohol and smoking. He earned titles in the heavyweight class at the the age of just 16, and while he moved away from the sport early to pursue a business and family, the spitfire career of this famous Mormon boxer had already left it’s mark.

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Melanie Kosoff | Mormon Boxers

A former weight-lifting champion, Melanie Roach, formerly known as Melanie Kosoff, seemed destined for Olympic glory as one of the only American women capable of lifting twice her own body weight. But this famous Mormon was unable to make it to the 2000 games due to an unfortunate injury during training. Despite this and back surgery, Roach bounced back to juggle family life, the needs of her autistic son, a gymnast business, and training to again reach Olympic level and participate in the 2008 Beijing Olympics; it’s unlikely that anyone has a busier schedule than this famous Mormon athlete.

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Larry Scott | Mormon Boxers

As the world’s first ‘Mr. Olympia’, Larry Scott made history as a famous Mormon body-builder who helped pave the way for future contests with his dedication to the competition. Though he had to convince his parents that he was attending college, Scott was actually building the physique that would later win him success as Mr. California (1960), Mr. America (1962), Mr. Universe (1964), and then finally Mr. Olympia (1965-66).

Today, this Mormon celebrity runs his own body-building and nutrition business, helping new generations into the competition.

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John Hopoate | Mormon Boxers

A former professional Rugby player, John Hopoate has had a turbulent relationship with both the sport and the LDS Church. This famous Mormon sportsman, however, is eager to make amends now that he is older and wiser and often remarks that his venture into boxing has helped him to better himself.

This famous Mormon is also known for sharing his winnings with the LDS Church, helping the Mormon youth in their development.

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Gene Fullmer | Mormon Boxers

A gutsy middleweight Mormon boxer, Gene Fullmer is well worthy of his status as a famous Mormon for his successful challenge of Sugar Ray Robinson’s title who, at the time, was considered unassailable. Though Sugar Ray was able to reclaim the title later, Fullmer had captured the imaginations of the public for his tough defence and his dogged persistence which tested the mettle of any boxer.

Later, he would take the NBA middleweight title and defend it successfully no less than seven times. His reign as champion is still remembered today, and he is regarded as one of the toughest famous Mormon boxers.

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Edmund Kealoha Parker | Mormon Boxers

The pioneer of a unique derivative of martial arts called America Kenpo, this world famous Mormon’s legacy as a martial-arts master is known to many as he also founded the International Kenpo Karate Association which is now the governing body for international Kenpo. It was here that other greats such as Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee were able to launch themselves internationally.

Parker himself was also inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame, securing his status as a celebrity Mormon and today he is revered across generations as a famous Mormon once holding the rank of Senior Grand Master in the world of martial arts. He passed away in 1990.

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