Vernon Hatton | Mormon Basketball Player

A famous Mormon basketball player, Vernon Hatton’s fame started with his games for the University of Kentucky where he is remembered as one of the most successful players with that institution. This Mormon celebrity then went on to win the NCAA championship, before being drafted to the NBA for Cincinnati as one of the top ten drafts in the 2nd round.

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Verl Heap | Mormon Basketball Player

A war veteran who flew in the air force for WW2 and an incredibly famous Mormon basketball player, Verl Heap was a celebrity Mormon who played in the Basketball Association of America; the division now known as the NBA. After his stellar basketball career, he pursued management and coaching, enjoying prolific successes with various teams but sadly passed away in 2008.

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Travis Knight | Mormon Basketball Player

Travis Knight began his basketball career in the big leagues with the Chicago Bulls as a first round draft, starting him on the road to becoming a famous Mormon basketball player and a celebrity Mormon. His career took him to the LA Lakers, Boston Celtics, and the Ne York Knicks, with the centre being his preferred position.

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Travis Hansen | Mormon Basketball Player

The Mormon mission for this famous Mormon basketball player was served in Chile, from which Travis Hansen returned to lead Brigham Young University’s team for three seasons, playing with them until 2003. The performances of this celebrity Mormon basketball player helped him earn a great honor in being the first player since Shawn Bradley a decade prior to be drafted by a professional team from BYU’s roster.

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Tom Chambers | Mormon Basketball Player

Under the nickname of Tommy Gun, this famous Mormon basketball player was a high offence player behind much of the push for the Phoenix Suns, who famously blitzed defences during his time signed with the team. Among his achievements are regular showings at the finals for major competitions, including the NBA Finals in 1993. Though this Mormon celebrity retired in the late 90’s, he returned to his original team to help with administrative tasks and was soon memorialised on the team’s Ring of Honor.

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Thurl Bailey | Mormon Basketball Player

Thurl Bailey is a famous Mormon basketball player who came to the religion later in his life. After winning the hearts and minds of fans for his plays with the Utah Jazz, Bailey would often be presented with gifts, such as the Book of Mormon, in an attempt to sway the celebrity basketball player to the faith. They eventually succeeded, but not before Bailey had famously collected nearly sixty copies during speaking events.

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Stan Watts | Mormon Basketball Player

A successful Mormon coach at Brigham Young University, Stan Watts was one of the pioneers who helped to shape basketball into the game it is today with his fast break style which greatly upped the tempo of games and brought jump shots into greater prominence within the game. After leaving the court itself, he took a position on the sidelines helping to shape younger players into a dominant force in basketball.

Among this famous Mormon basketball coach’s achievements were five WAC championships and various Conference titles. He became the athletic director of BYU in 1970, a position he held onto for six years.

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Skouson Harker | Mormon Basketball Player

Born in Canada, this famous Mormon basketball player got around the amateur circuits by playing for the University of Oregon as well as college ball at Utah Valley State. The big break for this Mormon celebrity came in 2002 when Huron drafted him before trading him over to a German team, TS Goppingen a year later. He has also played for the Birmingham Bullets and Akron Wingfoots.

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Shawn Bradley | Mormon Basketball Player

A well known and famous Mormon basketball player, Shawn Bradley’s greatest talent is for blocking shots and defence in the NBA. His experience prior to joining the professional leagues was a single stint with Brigham Young’s college team before his faith led him to fulfil a two-year mission in Australia. This Mormon celebrity basketball player played for the Philadelphia 76ers, New Jersey Nets, and Dallas Mavericks.

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Scott Pollard | Mormon Basketball Player

Scott Pollard’s first step to being a Mormon celebrity basketball player was with his parents; his father was Pearl Polland, a famous Mormon basketball player whose infamous hook shots earned him the nickname of ‘Poison’. As for Scott Pollard himself, he was drafted by Detroit in 1997 and while they tried to trade him to Atlanta after one season, Pollard instead opted to go to the Kings for the 1999 season. This celebrity Mormon basketball player is quickly following in the footsteps of his famous Mormon basketball playing father.

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