Walter Rane | Mormon Artists

This famous Mormon artist found his inspiration while serving on a Mormon mission to France on behalf of the LDS Church. Inspired by the culture, Walter Rane went on to paint many works with French subjects or that had French cultural concerns as their underlying theme. He took this work onto the road, building a reputation as a celebrity Mormon artist as he showcased his work from the back of an old Volkswagen.

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Travis Hanson | Mormon Artists

The creator of Beans Song, Travis Hanson, is a famous Mormon artist who based the protagonist for the cartoon on his son, also called Bean. This celebrity Mormon currently works for a small company called Outcast Studios where he continues to produce strips for the series.

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Stanley Watts | Mormon Artists

A notable Mormon sculptor who works with bronze, Stanley Watts is a famous Mormon artist who received various top awards and recognition early in his life which promised of the career to come. He worked under fellow famous sculptor Avard Fairbanks and went on to produce many grand pieces, some of which were on commission for the LDS Church to be proudly displayed in the temples. Among this celebrity Mormon’s most famous works are ‘To Lift a Nation’; a touching tribute to the emergency service workers who responded to the 9/11 disaster.

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Rose Reid | Mormon Artists

Rose Reid’s claim to fame as a celebrity Mormon designer came in the form of swimwear, using her experience and passion for swimming to design a swimsuit designed more for fashion than for functionality. The gamble paid off, and Reid’s company took a hefty 10% chunk of the entire market with swimwear lines. This famous Mormon received the high honour of being named Time magazine’s ‘Woman of the Year’ for 1955.

Celebrity Mormon Rose Reid also served on missions for the LDS Church, becoming an ambassador to Jewish communities and building relations between Mormonism and other religions.

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Reg Wilkins | Mormon Artists

A famous Mormon photographer, Reg Wilkins has been in the profession for over forty years during which he has worked with legends in the business such as Terry O’Neill and David Montgomery across a range of areas including fashion, media, and marketing. The career of this famous Mormon photographer has since led him to editorial roles for various magazines, producing articles that were often furnished with his masterful photography.

Now retired, this celebrity Mormon photographer has left behind an impressive legacy of works and projects that will endure among photography enthusiasts for years to come.

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Mark Gudmundsen | Mormon Artists

A famous landscape painter, Mormon artist Mark Gudmundsen had plenty of inspiration to draw on from his proximity to the grand Yosemite Canyon, which was itself the subject for many of his works and something of a specialty for the celebrity Mormon artist. His duties to the faith has him serve him with the California Ward of the LDS Church and his work has been displayed in the Fresno Temple as a testament to their famous Mormon artist in residence.

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Keith Nielsen | Mormon Artists

A Mormon sculptor famous for teaching himself the craft, Keith Nielsen has made many contributions to the LDS Church with his glass sculptures being displayed in prominence at various temples. This famous Mormon artist usually works per commission out of his home, running and maintaining a successful business.

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Jodi Jensen | Mormon Artists

A children’s illustrator, Jodi Jensen is a celebrity Mormon painter who works with watercolours to create soft images that are best suited to illustrated children’s books. The famous Mormon artist graduated from Brigham Young University, and went on to study at the famous art academy in Vienna which honed her skills. Now in constant demand, this Mormon painter is never hurting for work.

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Hayden Lambson| Mormon Artists

Raised in New Mexico, famous Mormon painter Hayden Lambson attended Brigham Young University from which he was able to earn the title of Artist of the Year from various institutions in the late 80’s which elevated his status as a celebrity Mormon. While not painting, he helps to raise awareness and funds to help with conservation projects.

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Greg Olsen | Mormon Artists

A native of Idaho, famous Mormon artist Greg Olsen likely became a painter of fantastic landscape art thanks to his rural surroundings. An avid follower of the Mormon faith, he has made many donations to the LDS Church who display this celebrity Mormon’s works with pride in the temples. But this famous Mormon artist has also been commissioned by corporations and the Government, with some of his works even featuring at the Pentagon.

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