Grant Robinson | Mormon Olympians

Grant Robinson was a famous Mormon athlete who competed in track & field, but was only able to reach the semi-finals of the 1500m run in...
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Becky Holliday | Mormon Olympians

A pole vaulter, Becky Holliday was an NCAA Champion for the pole vault who made it to the 2012 Olympic trials. Her training was self-financed, taking...
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Reed Smoot | Mormon Politicians

This U. S. Senator for the Republican party represented Utah and had the distinction of being the longest serving elected official for the state with thirty...
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Marie Osmond | Mormon Musicians

This famous Mormon singer had the distinction of being the first female country artist to clinch the charts with a number one song, doing so with...
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Will Hopoate | Mormon Rugby Players

Will Hopoate isn’t just a famous Mormon rugby player for his talent on the pitch, he also caused a stir when he passed over contract offers worth millions in order to leave the sport and take up his Mormon duties as a missionary for the LDS Church. While Hopoate’s commitment to Mormonism may supersede his commitments to the sport, he is certainly no slouch when it comes to the game and the loss of this fantastic Mormon rugby player from the world of rugby was keenly felt the world over.

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Janet Jensen | Mormon Writers

A member of the Author's Guild, famous Mormon writer Janet Jensen's works are aimed more a the LDS market with such titles as Don't You Marry...
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Deuce Lutui | Mormon Footballers

A veteran of seven years in the NFL, Deuce Lutui was a famous Mormon football player who played with the Cardinals and Titans during his career....
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Kyle Whittingham | Mormon Footballers

Currently a head coach in Utah, this famous Mormon footballer's career started at Brigham Young University in the late 70's before working his way up the...
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