Gordon Smith | Mormon Politicians

Gordon Smith is the famous Mormon politician who was representing Oregon for the Republican party as a senator. Most notably, this celebrity Mormon politician was the...
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April Bennett | Mormon Olympians

A famous Mormon pole vaulter, April Bennett represented America in the Olympics with her experience in competing for the SEC where she became Outdoor Champion on...
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Julie Coulter Bellon | Mormon Writers

A popular LDS writer and famous Mormon author, Julie Bellon specialises in the adventure and romance genres. She was educated at Brigham Young University, where she...
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Eric Dodge | Mormon Musicians

Eric Dodge, a famous Mormon singer, began his entrance into the music industry with singing lessons where he was able to work with some of the...
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Will Hopoate | Mormon Rugby Players

[sc:top_left_adsense300x250_1] Will Hopoate isn’t just a famous Mormon rugby player for his talent on the pitch, he also caused a stir when he passed over contract offers worth millions in order to leave the sport and take up his Mormon duties as a missionary for the LDS Church. While Hopoate’s commitment to Mormonism may supersede his commitments to the sport, he is certainly no slouch when it comes to the game and the loss of this fantastic Mormon rugby player from the world of rugby was keenly felt the world over.

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John Gilbert | Mormon Actors

One of the most famous Mormons on this list, and widely regarded as one of film's most influential figures, this famous Mormon actor held the enviable...
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Mark Gudmundsen | Mormon Artists

A famous landscape painter, Mormon artist Mark Gudmundsen had plenty of inspiration to draw on from his proximity to the grand Yosemite Canyon, which was itself...
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Lucia Palerma | Mormon Olympians

Representing Argentina, this celebrity Mormon rower was sadly eliminated from the 2004 Olympics during the double skulls heats for the lightweight category....
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