Jill Stevens | Mormons in Media & Communications

This famous Mormon model swapped her gun and medkit in the army as a Combat Medic for a place on a beauty pageant that won her...
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Grant Wilson | Mormons in Media & Communications

One of the hosts and stars of Ghost Hunters, famous Mormon TV show host Grant Wilson also has a career on the side writing fiction and...
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Earl Bascom | Mormon Artists

A professional rodeo rider who earned championship titles in the categories of saddle bronco, bareback, and bull riding. This famous Mormon, Earl Bascom, also spent some...
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Don Lind | Mormon Military Personnel & Astronauts

Having spent more than 160 hours in space, Commander Don Lind is a famous Mormon astronaut who served as a mission specialist on the STS-51B for...
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Will Hopoate | Mormon Rugby Players

Will Hopoate isn’t just a famous Mormon rugby player for his talent on the pitch, he also caused a stir when he passed over contract offers worth millions in order to leave the sport and take up his Mormon duties as a missionary for the LDS Church. While Hopoate’s commitment to Mormonism may supersede his commitments to the sport, he is certainly no slouch when it comes to the game and the loss of this fantastic Mormon rugby player from the world of rugby was keenly felt the world over.

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Alicia Hollowell | Mormon Olympians

A pitcher for the American Olympic team, famous Mormon athlete Alicia Hollowell was an alternate member who assisted them in their bid for Olympic glory. She...
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Rulon Gardner | Mormon Olympians

Local hero Rulon Gardner caused the greatest upset of the Olympics with his shock gold medial win in the 2000 Olympics. Famous Mormon wrestler and hero...
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Sherman Christensen | Mormon Law Figures

A famous Mormon federal Judge for the Utah district, Shermen Christensen was personally elected to the District Court by President Eisenhower in 1954. For his services...
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