Lincoln Hoppe | Mormon Actors

Famous Mormon actor and film writer Lincoln Hoppe is best known for co-writing the film Saints and Soldiers: Airborne Creed in which fellow LDS actor, Colbin...
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Shawn Childers | Mormon Writers

Shawn Childers is a famous Mormon author responsible for the book 'Earth Incorporated, in which he has put an interesting spin on the dystopian vision of...
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Corbin Allred | Mormon Actors

Beginning his prodigious acting career at the young age of 12, famous Mormon actor Corbin Allred laid his roots in Hollywood thanks to the support of...
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Terri Ferran | Mormon Writers

Terri Ferran's career as a famous Mormon writer started, as is common, with her escape into books that she would read regularly while growing up in...
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Will Hopoate | Mormon Rugby Players

Will Hopoate isn’t just a famous Mormon rugby player for his talent on the pitch, he also caused a stir when he passed over contract offers worth millions in order to leave the sport and take up his Mormon duties as a missionary for the LDS Church. While Hopoate’s commitment to Mormonism may supersede his commitments to the sport, he is certainly no slouch when it comes to the game and the loss of this fantastic Mormon rugby player from the world of rugby was keenly felt the world over.

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Kim Peek | Mormon Computing Engineers/Mathematicians

This incredibly gifted famous Mormon was born with severe mental handicaps that he struggled with his entire life. Despite this, Kim Peek's extraordinary gifts of memory...
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Osmond Brothers | Mormon Musicians

A brand name in music, the famous Mormon singers, the Osmond brothers, were at one time competing with fellow famous singers the Jackson Five for the...
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Noelle Pikus Pace | Mormon Olympians

Representing America, Noelle Pikus-Pace sadly missed out on a medal by the smallest of margins at 1/10th of a second. The Utah born famous Mormon athlete...
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