Tracy Hickman | Mormon Writers

This famous Mormon author almost stumbled into the profession by accident, with a pitch to sell modules ending up in a co-authoring project with Margaret Weis...
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Dottie Dixon | Mormons in Media & Communications

A famous Mormon who has appeared in various productions for the Pygmalion Theatre Company, drawing big crowds of fans who have fallen in love with this...
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Pat Gray | Mormons in Media & Communications

A radio announcer, famous Mormon Pat Gray co-hosted with his fellow famous Mormon Glenn Beck on his show, whom Pat Grey actually baptised. This Mormon celebrity...
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John Doolittle | Mormon Politicians

A republican congressman, John Doolittle was a famous Mormon politician who earned the position of Secretary within Congress. His represented district is the 4th of California,...
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Will Hopoate | Mormon Rugby Players

Will Hopoate isn’t just a famous Mormon rugby player for his talent on the pitch, he also caused a stir when he passed over contract offers worth millions in order to leave the sport and take up his Mormon duties as a missionary for the LDS Church. While Hopoate’s commitment to Mormonism may supersede his commitments to the sport, he is certainly no slouch when it comes to the game and the loss of this fantastic Mormon rugby player from the world of rugby was keenly felt the world over.

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Greg Olsen | Mormon Artists

A native of Idaho, famous Mormon artist Greg Olsen likely became a painter of fantastic landscape art thanks to his rural surroundings. An avid follower of...
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Gregory Newell | Mormon Politicians

Gregory Newell assumed the role of Director of Presidential Scheduling in 1980, from where this famous Mormon politician went on to become a special assistant to...
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The Duttons | Mormon Musicians

A famous Mormon performing troupe, the Duttons are able to play for almost any style of music making them one of the most adaptable music bands...
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