Rocky Twitchell | Famous Mormon

[sc:top_left_adsense300x250_1] A Golden Gloves champion for the 147lb division, Rocky Twitchell is a very famous Mormon boxer and athlete who competed in the Utah Summer Games with distinction, earning this award as well as gold and silver medals. The celebrity Mormon boxer moved to self defence and martial arts training, working with legendary Bruce Lee’s former students to teach an entire range of diverse martial arts to students, including Muay Thai, Karate, Jujitsu, and Capoiera. The name of this famous Mormon fighter’s organisation is Liahona Warrior Arts.

Establishing this group in 1992, Rocky Twitchell quickly became a world famous Mormon fighter teaching students globally, but maintained his strong community ties in joining the Guardian Angels in 2007, which patrols the streets to keep innocent people safe from harm. Well suited to the task, this celebrity Mormon boxer also gives seminars and workshops in addition to his duties, tirelessly working with the community to keep people safe. He is available to be contacted, at the number (916) 747-3694 (information is correct at the time of writing).

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