Mitt Romney | Famous Mormon

[sc:top_left_adsense300x250_1] As a Republican Governor, highly famous Mormon politician Mitt Romney followed in his father’s footsteps by winning the nomination of his party to run in the Presidential Race for 2012’s Presidential Race; succeeding his father who had lost out on the nomination to President Nixon in 1968.

Devout to his religious beliefs, celebrity Mormon politician Mitt Romney also broke down barriers in his party for representing minority religions, and he maintains active ties to the LDS Church while serving on a mission to France to fulfil his duties. Among the accomplishments of this famous Mormon politician was uniting Christian and LDS Church voters together under common banners such as the pro-life cause.

Beyond politics, Mitt Romney was also a famous Mormon businessman who inherited his father’s interests and managed them effectively. As a trusted economic leader, he was approached to save the Winter Olympics of 2002 which was facing financial difficulties. With his father setting a standard of philanthropy through action, this celebrity Mormon businessman stepped in to guide the 2002 Games not just to safety but to the most wildly successful Olympics in modern history. Romney was able to obliterate the $379million hole that the Winter Olympics had dug for itself, as well as gathering together a workforce of 23,000 volunteers.

Part of this famous Mormon businessman’s inheritance was Bain & Company ltd, which Romney set up as a consultancy firm. Highly successful, he turned it into a global brand with twenty-five offices around the world and many lucrative clients on it’s books, seeking management advice from the celebrity Mormon businessman himself.

On the back of this success, Romney founded Bain Capital which grew into a juggernaut of business that acquired hundreds of companies and turned enough profit to be considered the most successful investment companies in America. But even then, this celebrity Mormon businessman and politician still maintained his commitments to the community and the Church, supportingmany organisations such as the Boy Scouts and The Points of Light Foundation.

Mitt Romney was tutored at Brigham Young University, where he earned top honors and moved to Harvard. It was appropriate preparation for the wild success waiting for the Mormon businessman, who went from strength to strength in becoming a pillar of American society and raising awareness for the LDS cause in his status as a celebrity Mormon politician.

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