Mark Hofmann | Infamous Mormons

[sc:top_left_adsense300x250_1] A son of a devout LDS family, Mark Hofmann served a mission with the church and seemed earmarked for success until some disturbing behaviour began to ring alarm bells. Hofmann had a tendency for forgery, putting together what was dubbed the ‘Salamander Letter’ which depicted John Smith as a phoney who used folk magic to beguile people. This proved to be the tip of the iceberg for Hofmann’s psychotic behaviour, though, when he killed two people using bombs with plans to set off a third.

After being injured and arrested, Hofmann pleaded guilty to murder and forgery in 1986 to escape a death sentence. His forgeries were of high quality, often fooling many experts in the field. [sc:top_left_content] [sc:gallery_link]