Jason Johnson | Mormon Military Personnel & Astronauts

After serving the LDS Church on a mission to Texas, this famous Mormon soldier had a surprisingly romantic and dramatic fate in store for him when he joined the army’s counter-terrorism unit. While serving as bodyguards to US citizens in Bahrain, this famous Mormon soldier began to develop feelings for a distant cousin of the King, who had already been promised to another member of the royal family.

Jason took matters into his own hands, and smuggled his beloved out of the country and into the US that same year. There was a political and media firestorm, with the celebrity Mormon Johnson being demoted and ultimately discharged from the services while his wife, Meriam, was successfully granted asylum and protected by the FBI on at least one occasion when a potential hitman was sent after her. But this fairytale had a very real life ending. Just five years after getting married, the two separated and divorced.

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